KunstXpositie #34

Summer season

In the summer season from 23 June to 12 Sept. Galerie De Ruimte shows a new exhibition every 3 weeks with work by collectives from all over the country.

To make way for this, she has reduced her own art collection. Not 8 but 3 artists are in the spotlight.
The collection of KunstXposition #34 can be found to the right of the entrance in the gallery.

In the spotlight

Erik Kierkels makes paintings, sculptures of bronze and glass.
A versatile artist and workaholic for 40 years, as he says himself. He translates his thoughts and emotions with 3 different disciplines. Women, bulls and horses will always remain his theme.

Marga Boogaard makes special ceramic objects, constructed with great precision from rolls of clay. The precision is so great that many think it is a 3D print! Traditionally, Marga creates very abstract forms, but in a new figurative line she is inspired by animals.

Marianne den Hartog – objects with mosaic porcelain
With the arrival of the porcelain shards, the birth of a new work of art begins. Color combinations present themselves. With stacking, grinding, polishing, pearls are re-strung as if on a chain. In this way a new story slowly emerges.

Come in and have a look and see for yourself. You will certainly see something that you like and that really comes into its own in your home.


  • every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until August 1st, 2021from 13:30 to 16:30
  • Overige dagen op afspraak


Target group

  • AdultsYes
  • Senior citizensYes