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Lecture Cycle De Rode Draad: The Strabrechtse Heide


Cultureel Centrum Hofdael
Cultureel Centrum Geldrop
Molenstraat 23
5664 HV Geldrop
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You will find heathlands in European countries that are under the influence of Atlantic climate influences. From Northern Portugal, Spain, via the west coast of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway and from Ireland, the UK to Northern Germany and Poland. All these areas have been created or are maintained by human action.

In his previously published book: "Nature areas in North Brabant, Origin, Extraction and Nature Development", former forest ranger of Staatsbosbeheer Jap Smits elaborates on this in detail. Our mighty beautiful Strabrechtse Heide is also part of the Atlantic heathland as an endemic cultural landscape. Be there and go out to enjoy this hidden gem afterwards!




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