KunstXpositie #Diversity

The good atmosphere can be felt immediately upon entering the gallery. Everyone is surprised about the versatility and artistic design of the art objects of the art collective Diversity, consisting of 9 artists.

Since the start of the collective in 2017, a close bond has developed through art. With a lot of passion, drive, mutual inspiration, joint projects and last but not least a lot of fun, you can further label Diversity as very dynamic.

# Vulnerability of existence

An extra mini-exhibition with a series of art objects on the theme: ‚Äúvulnerability of existence‚ÄĚ.

The Corona crisis has made us more aware of the fragility of our existence, but also of resilience. The insights gained through self-reflection on the question of what really matters in our existence led to a series of thematic works based on this vulnerability.


  • every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until July 11th, 2021from 13:30 to 16:30
  • Boek onderaan de pagina een timeslot voor de vernissage op zondag 27 juni! https://galeriederuimte.nl/event/kunstxpositie-diversity/


Target group

  • AdultsYes
  • Senior citizensYes