Piet Manders (1928-1986), a designer from Mierlo

Designs used in haute couture. Fashion designers such as Christian Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent and Nina Ricci were very fond of the fabrics. Piet Manders, born and raised in Mierlo, and the design team formed later, were inspired by everything around them. They were mainly inspired by plants and flowers, which were reflected in various collections on the catwalk.

For almost forty years, Piet Manders worked at the Textile Factory in Posterholt in Limburg. In 1947 he was appointed as a designer there. During the first years of his career, he was responsible for the design and technical preparation of the fabrics produced in Posterholt. Under the leadership of the Italian director Palange, the design team of Textile Factory Posterholt was later expanded with Enrico Manassi and assistants Simone L'Eplattenier and Mieke Stevens. Piet Manders made many international business trips to discuss the designs with the clients. He was fluent in Italian, French, German and English.

In the last years of Piet Manders he worked as a weaving and knitting teacher at the City Academy of Maastricht. A man with a passion for fabric design. His life was dominated by designs: Piet Manders was a designer pur sang.

Immediately after primary school, he followed almost all textile courses in his native region. The love for textiles was in his blood. Piet and his sisters were already the fifth consecutive generation to work in the textile industry. Piet's parents also passed on their love for textiles to his 3 sisters, they were all tailors. His eldest sister, Maria Manders, opened her own shop in 1961, 60 years ago now: Lenssen Manders. A women's and men's fashion store in the village center of Mierlo, where the third generation is already at the helm. They are therefore the seventh consecutive generation working in textiles / fashion.

After Piet's death, his collection of samples, designs and books was donated to the Zijdemuseum in Wouw, after which it was transferred to the Zijdemuseum in Meliskerke. Now that this museum has also ceased to exist, the collection has been transferred to the Weaving Museum in Geldrop and the collection of designer Piet Manders has returned to the municipality where he was born. The collection will be kept in this museum.

This exhibition shows the design process of Textile Factory Posterholt, from inspiration and technology to fabrics and samples. The different sketches characterize the process leading up to the making of the patterns, which could eventually be used by the weavers. The design was drawn on pattern paper and then the yarns and colors were determined. The number of threads horizontally and vertically were calculated before being punched into pattern cards. Samples were made of the designs.


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