Pannenkoekenhuis Hans en Grietje


Pannenkoekenhuis Hans en Grietje
Langstraat 2 B
5664 GG Geldrop
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More than a hundred different pancakes, all traditionally baked. So there is really enough to choose from. If you prefer not to have a pancake, you can choose from various fish and meat dishes. The restaurant is also suitable for large (er) groups

Are you in Geldrop-Mierlo with the children? Then definitely go to Pannenkoekhuis Hans en Grietje for an evening. The kids will thank you. This is a pancake restaurant with a bouncy castle (inside!) And children's entertainment. That means that you can sit comfortably at the table while your children have fun. Don't worry, because they are being watched. Okay, they may come back to the table with make-up. (This is all arranged for you on the weekends.)