Dierenrijk Mierlo

This isn’t just any zoo. No, this is a zoo the minutes fly by. Lay amongst the animals, watch how they are fed and learn all about them in one of our shows.

Elephants in Dierenrijk

Sibu and Htoo Tin Aye are the father and mother of Ma Palai, Thuya and Jing. A great elephant family. This family has lived in this zoo for several years now and they enjoy meeting new people.

Visit the elephants

Kids Party in Dierenrijk

Is it your birthday and are you in the mood for a super fun kids’ party? Then come celebrate your birthday at the zoo! You can choose from all kinds of different parties. And yes, you will be able to care for the animals as well.

Celebrate your party in Dierenrijk

Rhinoceros in Dierenrijk

Indian rhinoceros? They are very rare. But you can visit them in Dierenrijk. Two females and one male: Narayani, Jhansi and Gainda. The ladies will return to Germany soon, but for now you can still admire them in Mierlo.

Visit the rhinos