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Wollige Winterweken KommuS Radio: Start KommuS Radio top 500

What is a radio station without an End of Year list? KommuS Radio has the KommuS Radio Top 500, a list compiled by the listeners of the online radio station. This year, too, the Top 500 is part of the Fuzzy Winter Weeks. It's a highlight every year, and there's a lot of listening involved! Last year, Billy Joel's "The Piano Man" was number one; which classic or perhaps a new release will be at number 1 this year? All songs will be played in the correct order starting from Monday, January 1st at 12:00 PM, and on Saturday, January 6th, we will know which song is in the top spot.

KommuS Radio, the online radio station of, for, and by Geldrop-Mierlo, has set up its radio studio on the Horecaplein. From this studio, live radio will be broadcast from December 13th to January 7th. This year, you can request songs for at least 1 euro. All proceeds, gifts, and donations will be used to purchase a Digital Activity Wall for the children's ward at the Anna Hospital. This way, children can have fun while moving, recover faster, and forget their worries for a while. Want to make a request? Then go to, donate, leave your name, and, of course, the song title + artist. KommuS Radio will be giving away a Geldrop-Mierlo city center gift voucher daily (!), so you might be the lucky winner. Thanks in advance!