A Day Out With the Kids

There is also a lot to do with the kids in colourful Geldrop-Mierlo. Play among the animals in Dierenrijk, discover the Viking playground or have daring adventures where the Standerd Molen of Mierlo used to be: the Molenheide. A special lookout has been made at the Molenheide playground so you can see where the mill used to be. Closely is the Katoenpad, the path from the exciting children's book that takes place on the Molenheide, right there in the forest.

Dierenrijk Mierlo

You can enjoy every day in Dierenrijk. Swing like a monkey, creep like a tiger and eat as an elephant. Stop by and discover the animal in yourself!

Discover Dierenrijk Mierlo

Do you dare?

The Cotton Path lay somewhere between Mierlo and Geldrop. The path disappeared because not a single home weaver dared to walk it anymore. It was said to be haunted… Do you dare walk it? Buy the book, download the exciting Cotton Path app, discover more about the secret and walk the newly constructed path yourself.

Discover the secret

Castle Kinderboerderij

On the Geldrop Castle estate, you will also find the Kinderboerderij. It is a petting zoo in a beautiful spot, surrounded by greenery with stables and a private yard. Donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters all live in and around the farm. And don’t forget Rube, the housecoat who chases away the mice from the feeding pens. All animals are taken care of y around 40 volunteers. Together they run the farm.

Visit the Kinderboerderij
  • Playground de Viking

    Water play equipment, swings, a real fortress where they can climb, a large ship, a cable car, it doesn't stop! This is De Viking Playground.

    The locals bring their little ones here in the summer. Bring a picnic blanket and some treats, because in this playground will keep the kids entertained for hours on end. The playground is completely fenced, so they cannot get lost.

    They sell lemonade, candy and chips in the shop. For prices belonging to the past. Just like the entrance fee. For 1.60 euros you can stay all day. Do you want to let the kids play? Then drive to de Viking.

    Playground de Viking
  • Playground de Molenheide

    The Molenheide is close to the Katoenpad. A nice combination for a fantastic day in the forest. Now you can let your kids play on the various playground equipment that is there.

    Until about 1860 there was still a mill on the Molenheide in Mierlo. And you can still see that. A special lookout at the edge of the playground gives you a nice idea of what it must have looked like in the past. And at the highest point, the Molenberg, a 10-meter-high contour of a mill has been placed. So it still looks a bit like the past.

    Playground de Molenheide

Monkeytown Mierlo

The nicest indoor playground in Mierlo!

Children can climb, clamber and crawl through tunnels, slide down various slides, play with super Lego and romp in the ball pit. There is a toddler corner for the little ones, which has been specially designed so the parents have a good overview. 

Visit Monkeytown

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