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Are you looking for blissful relaxation or convivial sociability? In the mood for colourful, historic stories or would you rather spot deer on the heath? It’s all possible with us. Visit Geldrop Castle Estate, the Weaving Museum Geldrop or the Standerdmolen in Mierlo. And there is so much more! Geldrop-Mierlo weaves and entertains.

Visit the Weaving museum

Curious to find out more about our rich history in the textile industry? 

Even before the year 1700 the ‘lakennijverheid’ (broadcloth industry) flourished in Geldrop. Even so, the textile industry only started booming in the year 1850. The great factories, chimneys and labourer and stately homes were built in this period. 

Visit the weaving mill

Discover Geldrop Castle

Discover Geldrop Castle

You can find Geldrop Castle in the middle of Geldrop’s centre surrounded by a magnificent English landscape garden. “Kasteel Geldrop”, as it is called by the Dutch, was built in 1350 by knight Philips the First of Geldrop, of whom little else is known. You will also find the petting zoo, sensory garden and flower garden on the castle estate. But before you leave, be sure to treat yourself to a delicious lunch at the Kasteelhoeve restaurant.

Discover the castle

Will you come grind the grain at one of our mills?

Visit the mills of Geldrop-Mierlo

In the middle of Mierlo’s centre stands Standerdmolen Mierlo, a true eye-catcher. A standerdmolen is a mill that rests, so to speak, on a mount. When the wind comes from a certain direction, the entire mill can be turned to fully catch the wind.

‘Het Nupke’ is the Brabant way of saying stud, button or bump. The ground where the mill was built in 1843 has a natural elevation to the rest of the landscape. A bump. That is probably the reason why the residents called it ‘Nupke’. It was only during the great restoration in 1979 that miller Wim Vlemmix gave the mill, a national monument, the name ’t Nupke.

Visit the mills

Enjoy the Strabrechtse heide

The Strabrechtse Heide is a wide and colourful nature reserve of approximately 1500 hectares, located in the municipalities of Heeze-Leende, Someren and Geldrop-Mierlo. It is truly one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Brabant. The moment you walk into the heath, you cannot help but hold your breath: you’ll want a moment of quiet to appreciate it all.

Visit the Strabrechtse Heide
  • Horecaplein Geldrop

    Horecaplein is a cosy, nostalgic square, situated in the centre of Geldrop. The various terraces make it a wonderful place, especially in summer.

  • Molenplein Mierlo

    The Molenplein in Mierlo is the square at the Standerdmolen. The Molenplein is located in the town centre and is also the location of the weekly market.