Villagemarketing Geldrop-Mierlo Foundation

Geldrop-Mierlo is working hard for recreational purposes. Both centres are being renovated. Mierlo has a beautiful centre around the Molenplein. In Geldrop, the Langstraat and Korte Kerstraat have been redesigned as well as the Horecaplein. The Heuvel and other parts of the centre will follow in the coming years. Geldrop, and to a lesser extent, Mierlo, were known for their textile industry. We are proud of this. We show this cultural heritage in all kinds of places.

Thanks to the support from the municipality, the Villagemarketing Geldrop-Mierlo Foundation can devote itself to further pick up and expand these qualities in the coming years. In short, Villagemarketing will be committed to strengthening the position of our municipality and establishing connections between all the initiatives that already exist. This foundation includes representatives from the cultural, recreational, entrepreneurial and hospitality sectors.

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