Textile arrangements

Colourful arrangements are part of colourful villages. Arrangements where you can get lost among the sheep or travel back in time. For unique company outings, family gatherings or just because you feel like it!

Guided tour through Geldrop and the Weaving Museum

Take a historical tour through the centre of Geldrop in combination with a visit to the Weaving Museum. Let yourself be amazed by the beautiful 19th-century architecture and the exciting textile stories that Geldrop has to offer. More information can be found on the website of the Weaving Museum. Of course, you can also view the museum’s other arrangements there.

Can be booked via the Weaving Museum: 040-2863512 / 040-2855543 (at least one week in advance).

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Wool and weaving

A full-day experience tour! After a delicious cup of coffee with the real Peijnenburg Gingerbread in the uniquely decorated Kaffee Peijnenburg, you will go by bike (or by car) to the shepherd, his flock of sheep and the border collies that keep the flock together.

€ 39.00 p.p. including coffee, tea, cake, soup, lunch and entrance to the Weaving Museum.

Can be booked through Kaffee Peijnenburg: 040-2867000

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