What to do

Geldrop-Mierlo is a unique municipality with two old village centers. They go far back; they were already mentioned between the 13th and 14th centuries in historical writings. Our delicacies are known throughout the country: Peijnenburg Gingerbread and the Mierlose Zwarte, the tastiest cherry. Yes, they originate here. Cozy terraces and shops, nice restaurants and cafes, festivals, museums, galleries: there is plenty to do and enjoy, whether you are alone, with a group or with your family. Are you looking for tranquillity, wellness and nature? Then Geldrop-Mierlo is the place for you. Check out all the things you can do when you visit us.

Visit the weaving museum

Curious to find out more about our rich history in the textile industry? 

Even before the year 1700 the ‘lakennijverheid’ (broadcloth industry) flourished in Geldrop. Even so, the textile industry only started booming in the year 1850. The great factories, chimneys and labourer and stately homes were built in this period. 

Visit Castle Geldrop Estate

You can find Geldrop Castle in the middle of Geldrop’s town centre surrounded by a magnificent English landscape garden. “Kasteel Geldrop”, as it is called by the Dutch, was built in 1350 by knight Philips the First of Geldrop, of whom little else is known. You will also find the petting zoo, sensory garden and flower garden on the castle estate. But before you leave, be sure to treat yourself to a delicious lunch at the Kasteelhoeve restaurant.

Discover our Weaving History

Our roots lie in textiles. The home weavers of Mierlo and the manufacturers in Geldrop ensured that the most magnificent fabrics were created and woven way back in the day. Textile is in our blood. We have a colourful history which can still be felt everywhere.