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Wollige Winterweken KommuS Radio: The KommuS Radio top 500

Today, you can listen to or watch live at or

Today, we kick off with the KommuS Radio Top 500, counting down to the number one over the next few days! The list has been compiled by all the listeners of KommuS Radio. At 09:00 AM, the library will once again read the newspaper. What good news can be found? What's annoying music for some is a fantastic track for others. Danny and Janny will line them up for you.

KommuS Radio, the online radio station of, for, and by Geldrop-Mierlo, has set up its radio studio on Horecaplein. From this studio, live radio will be broadcast from December 13 to January 7. This year, you can request songs for at least 1 euro. All proceeds, gifts, and donations will be used to purchase a Digital Motion Wall for the children's department of the Anna Hospital. This way, children can move in a fun way, recover faster, and temporarily forget their worries. Want to make a request? Go to, donate, leave your name, and of course, the song title + artist. KommuS Radio raffles a Geldrop-Mierlo city gift voucher daily (!), so you might win this cool voucher. Thanks in advance!