Hannie Derks

My name is Hannie Derks, I am manager of social-cultural Centrum Hofdael in Geldrop since the first of February. In addition, I am also a supervisor at pop venue Effenaar in Eindhoven and healthcare organization Savant Zorg in Helmond. In the past, I have been active as an independent marketer and innovation strategist in the healthcare, welfare and culture sector. I worked at Summa College and Philips as a (social) innovation strategist for various healthcare, welfare, education and cultural institutions. I have followed courses in cultural anthropology, marketing, communication and market research and I also have a lot of experience in setting up several community centres in Eindhoven.

I am affiliated with Villagemarketing because I believe in collaboration and connection. Together you can create something better than alone. By working together within Villagemarketing, I think we can create added value for the residents and entrepreneurs in Geldrop-Mierlo.