Visit the Mills of Geldrop-Mierlo

The two mills of Geldrop and Mierlo operate nearly every week. Geldrop’s mill, ’t Nupke, dates back to 1843. The standerdmolen in Mierlo is even older, originating in 1640. Both mills have been beautifully restored and are well maintained by the concerned millers. They’re well worth a visit!

Standerdmolen Mierlo

A standerdmolen is a mill that rests, so to speak, on a mount. When the wind comes from a certain direction, the entire mill can be turned to fully catch the wind.

You can see this in the middle of the neighbourly Mierlo. There stands Standerdmolen Mierlo, a true eye-catcher. But the mill hasn’t always been here. Until 1857, the mill stood on the Molenheide close to the Cotton Path. When the mill was built around the year 1640, it was a ‘banmolen’. Banmolens were mills where residents were obligated to have their grain ground. It’s hard to imagine that in this day and age. 

The Standerdmolen Mierlo is operated by a team of 7 millers and is open for visitors nearly every Saturday (from 11 to 15 o’clock). The present miller will gladly tell you how it all works. Check the mill’s website if the mill is open when you visit Geldrop-Mierlo.

Visit the mill

Korenmolen 't Nupke Geldrop

‘Het Nupke’ is the Brabant way of saying stud, button or bump. The ground where the mill was built in 1843 has a natural elevation to the rest of the landscape. A bump. That is probably the reason why the residents called it ‘Nupke’. It was only during the great restoration in 1979 that miller Wim Vlemmix gave the mill, a national monument, the name ’t Nupke. 

The grain is still regularly milled here according to traditional methods for various types of flour to bake bread or pancakes. The four certified millers will gladly tell you all about the mill, which is free to visit. Of course, don’t forget to take some flour with you! The pancakes and bread you will bake will taste extra good because you used flour from ’t Nupke. 

A visit to ’t Nupke is like walking through a story.


Visit the mill