Geldrop Castle Estate

You can find Geldrop Castle in the middle of Geldrop’s town centre surrounded by a magnificent English landscape garden. “Kasteel Geldrop”, as it is called by the Dutch, was built in 1350 by knight Philips the First of Geldrop, of whom little else is known.

By now the castle and the gardens surrounding it have become a beautiful spot perfect for relaxation. The little ones will enjoy themselves in the Kinderboerderij (petting zoo) and in the Zintuigentuin (sensory garden). In the Bloemenhof (flower garden), which is filled to the Brin with flowers, has all kinds of seating areas you can use. The Koetshuis is home to the IVN, which regularly organises all kinds of activities. 

It’s fantastic to stroll through the castle. There are several guided tours available to reserve so you can truly discover the real treasures. You will be surprised by the old cellar with the dungeon, the 19th-century period rooms with authentic furniture and the library with the old books. And it just may be that a wedding is just taking place, as Geldrop Castle is a popular place to exchange vows and make beautiful wedding photos. 

There are regularly expositions in the castle to visit. Geldrop Castle’s exposition rooms are entirely wheelchair friendly. The expositions are opened to visitors every Thursday, Friday and Sunday between 14.00 and 17.00 o’clock. Admission is free. 

Castle Bloemenhof

The former vegetable garden and orchard was built round 1870 by Hubertus Paulus Hoevenaar jr., operator of sugar factories in India. This former resident was the co-founder of a tree nursery in Eindhoven and was very interested in landscaping. He was the one who gave the castle and the park its current shape. And with that, we mean the castle in the middle of the park, with an English landscape garden surrounding it (which was extremely in fashion with the wealthy) and on the western edge a walled vegetable garden and orchard. 

Visit the Bloemenhof

Delicious Lunches at the Kasteelhoeve

The Kasteelhoeve can be found on the Castle Geldrop estate. The Kasteelhoeve is situated along the Bloemenhof together with its Brasserie. The Kasteelhoeve has a great view of the beautifully landscaped garden and the flower greenhouse. The moment you settle on the terrace, the chance you stay there longer grows exponentially. In good weather, enjoyment is at its best. It is an oasis of rest in the colourful and convivial Geldrop.

Have lunch at the Kasteelhoeve

Castle Kinderboerderij

You will also find the Kinderboerderij on the Geldrop Castle estate. It is a petting zoo in a beautiful spot, surrounded by greenery with stables and a private yard. Donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters all live in and around the farm. And don’t forget Rube, the housecat who chases the mice away from the feeding pens. All animals are taken care of by over 40 volunteers. Together they run the farm. 

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Castle Zintuigentuin

Meet the latest extension of the Geldrop Castle Estate. The Castle Zintuigentuin is surprisingly fun for everyone, and especially for people in a wheelchair and people with a disability. The Zintuigentuin focusses entirely on the human senses: feeling, smelling, hearing and seeing. There’s even a ‘bare feet path’ and a meerkat maze. Be careful that you don’t get lost!

Visit the zintuigentuin

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