Hans Klink

Since March 2020 I have been a board member from Culture. I work at Cubiss and the library Dommeldal as Kennismaker Mierlo. I also organize the horror night every year and I am chairman of the Heemkundekring Myerle. The best compliment I have received is that I am Mierlose Mens 2020 and I am very proud of that!

My motivation to be on the board is twofold: 

  1. It remains a challenge to find what unites us in Geldrop and Mierlo. I am convinced that the theme Weaves & Entertains offers sufficient possibilities and I would like to get started with this. 
  2. There are opportunities in the combination of culture, heritage and entrepreneurship. I like to look for connections between culture, associations and entrepreneurs with the aim of making the our municipality more known as a to show the added value of tourism.

I allow everyone to enjoy all the beauty that our municipality has to offer and I like to promote that.

If you have great ideas about the theme Weaves & Entertains, I would like to invite you to discuss this with us.