Richard Pors

Richard Pors, married to Leonie van Stipdonk, we have an 18-year old sun, Jeroen. Together we own Heerenhuys23.

I think Geldrop-Mierlo is much more pleasant than most residents realise. There is always something to do. A cultural centre with a Weaving Museum, a beautiful castle in the middle of the city centre, various walking and cycling routes, a renovated centre in both Geldrop and Mierlo with plenty of shops and, of course, the beautiful Horecaplein in Geldrop.

For 8 years I promised myself that I will do everything I can to make Geldrop even more enjoyable. Together with several entrepreneurs and the municipality, we set up the Recreation & Tourism working group 6 years ago. Villagemarketing was the result of this and I am still a board member of it. Various parties organize activities in Geldrop and you can see that a lot of people are coming. Think of the winter atmosphere, beach volley, the KommuS Castle concerts, the biannual Star Battle, the village quiz, etc. Here on the square, there is something to do almost every weekend in the summer. You also hear more and more people say that they are no longer going to Eindhoven, but are looking for entertainment in their own town. I love that!

In fact, more and more people from Eindhoven come to Geldrop, but people from the surrounding villages are also increasingly able to find Geldrop. We notice that clearly here at the Horecaplein.

Efforts are successful.