Weaving the past with the present

The silver lining for the design of Geldrop Centre 

We'll gladly tell your more about the story with which it all began in 2016 in Geldrop-Mierlo: Weaving the past with the present. The common thread that will guide the choices and the coherence in the implementation of all projects with which the centre of Geldrop (and Mierlo) will be renovated in the coming years. The sub-projects called for coherence, a "common thread". The starting point is/was a high-quality centre. Much was overcome with the image quality plan and the advertising bill of the municipality. The facade subsidy also contributes to this. But the link between these sub-projects was still lacking, according to the municipality. That is why a separate document about the "common thread" of the municipality of Geldrop-Mierlo was made. To inspire the developments that were to come.

In February 2016, the municipality redesigned the Langstraat. This was the first step towards a unique centre where the resident feels more familiar and where they can meet others. Such as on the catering square where the past is woven with the present.

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Some factory buildings and factory houses have been preserved and are still clearly visible in the Geldrop streets. Street names also reference the textile history. It is true that the history of Geldrop goes way back and determined the street pattern, but the textile industry gave Geldrop a certain significance. Mierlo also contributed to this thanks to the home weavers.

This textile history has had a spatial impact. Despite the fact that much has been demolished in the past, the textile history has not been forgotten. The Weaving Museum keeps the history alive. The street scene at De Bleek, with the redesigned square and preservation of the facades, is a good example, whereby the area has been redeveloped with respect for the history. The textile history is therefore anchored in the municipality. Why not anchor and exploit this even more in the centre of Geldrop, for example?

The renovation has already started from the area of ​​the Kleine Dommel (this water was also important to the textile industry): Hofdael and the catering square. This renewal must be taken up further and spread over the entire centre. The task for the centre is therefore to interweave the story, the places and the way of furnishing more narrowly. This is a way of differentiating from other centres in the region. The centre of Geldrop will be given (more) character, which is clearly recognizable and visible in the street scene. A centre, with a clear identity and image, where visitors, residents and people who work there feel comfortable because the story is correct, the places are logically demarcated, interconnected and intertwined and the layout level is right. That starts with the good 'telling' of the story by the municipality. Therefore, the 'common thread' of Geldrop-Mierlo is: weaving.

In 2018, it was investigated whether a foundation could be set up for this purpose that could tell the story of Geldrop-Mierlo. At the beginning of 2019, the Villagemarketing Geldrop-Mierlo Foundation was officially set up for this.