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E-R-E Recorder Trio with Varied Program

"Cultuur aan de Dommel" is organizing a performance by the ERE Recorder Trio (established in 2023) on Sunday, April 7th, at the Kastanjehof in Geldrop. The name is derived from the first names of the ensemble members: E=Edda, R=Rosalyn, and E=Eleanor. The trio performs on various recorders, including Renaissance recorders, Baroque recorders, and Paetzhold recorders.

The Trio will present a varied program of early music combined with vocals by Edda Hoving. To conclude the concert, a classical composer is scheduled. Throughout the performance, the members of the 'ERE Recorder Trio' will provide explanations about the different instruments, music styles, and composers.

This marks the trio's debut concert, making it a premiere for 'Cultuur aan de Dommel'.


  • €10.00