Griezelig Geldrop-Mierlo

After organizing a ghost tour for two consecutive years in the fantastic castle, we aim for grander and even more frightening effects in 2024. To Build has granted us permission to use the old warehouse of Tiger Plastics. An old, dilapidated warehouse next to the Braakhuizen football fields. It is currently completely empty and leaks from all sides. A perfect location for a Haunted House!

The Macabre Warehouse!

In 2022, To Build acquired the office building and the dilapidated factory warehouse of the former Tiger Plastics in Geldrop. The office building is promising and is intended to become To Build's new headquarters. However, the warehouse is a different story. No one knows what happened there in the past and what experiments took place. Yes, plastic plates and cups came out of the factory, but there have always been rumors that something very different was also being produced. Now that To Build has bought the property, hardly anyone dares to enter the warehouse. Several former employees have never been seen again, and the last inspector disappeared mysteriously. Recently, the municipality stepped in and attempted to find out what happened in the past. The official from the spatial planning department declared the building safe. Time for a new inspection!

Do you dare to re-inspect the building? Go inside and check the warehouse for fire safety, storage of chemicals, and labor standards.

Extra Children's Afternoons

This year, two children's afternoons are also scheduled. Groups, mostly consisting of young children, will be guided through the warehouse by a guide. We won't need as many ghosts then, and scaring someone is not the goal. But we could still use some helping hands. Sign up separately for these afternoons via the form.

Volunteers Wanted!

Just like in previous years, we can't do this without you. We hope that you'll help out and come join the spooky fun. After all, there's nothing more enjoyable than scaring other people. So sign up now and invite some friends to help. Be sure to share the link with people you think would enjoy it.

Sign up as a volunteer:


  • Daily starting from march 1st, 2024 until march 2nd, 2024