Financial advice tailored to your situation or business. That's what you can count on!

An advisor who is locally engaged, both in the neighborhood and with our clients. You can find that at Veldsink Advice. That's what we stand for. Do you want personal advice on your mortgage, insurance, or do you have another financial issue? Then we are happy to help. Feel free to contact us.

Veldsink – Bekx has been the independent financial service provider in the region for more than 40 years. Within our comprehensive services, we have specialists in the areas of SME and Personal insurance advice, mortgage advice, and we are proud to be an independent advisor for RegioBank.

We like to distinguish ourselves as advisors who are close to our clients, whether it's about saving for the first home, purchasing a home, or in the unfortunate event of damage to valuable property. We know the market and speak the language to handle things quickly and smoothly. We feel connected to our clients and what is happening in our area, such as the hailstorm on June 23, 2016. With great dedication and passion, we have successfully settled more than 1000 claims to satisfaction under special circumstances.

We cannot promise that you will always have the lowest car insurance premium with us. We promise the solution that suits you and can withstand any comparison, including based on the extensive coverage, reliability, and performance of the provider, and not insignificantly; you get us along with it. We want you to be our fan and will stand by you with advice and action in moments of truth.