Bufkes Geldrop

A 'Bufke' - which in Belgian Limburg means 'tasty snack' or 'tasty bite' - at Bufkes Geldrop is much more than a snack or a bite.

The Bufkes have been a combination of the very best products since 1996. And here they bring a little bit of Limburg into Geldrop.

Bufkes takes care of that. Bufkes practices "gastronomy": the art of taste and tasting. That means: fresh, traditionally prepared sandwiches, richly filled with tasty, fresh and honest ingredients, based on traditional recipes. The Werrem Sjink sandwiches - freshly cut from the knife on the spot - and the Limburger are now famous in the Netherlands. Bufkes also has home-made meal soups, fresh salads, surprising menus, cold and hot drinks, fresh juices, confectionery and grill products. When you are at Horecaplein, Bufkes is very close. Affordable enjoyment for young and old.