Jacques van Bragt

Everything is handmade. This means that not a single pastry, cake, bonbon or cookie is the same. They are slightly different than usual, both in terms of taste and shape. That is Jacques van Bragt's patisserie. "Life is too short to eat ordinary pastries." That's what the locals say about Van Bragt and why they visit this address.

With every bite, you taste the passion of the unique team that has only one mission: to give you the ultimate enjoyment. No mixes and no semi-finished products, but good raw materials and honest products. Full flavours that make you long for more. If your mouth is already watering while reading, book your weekend right away.

(Are you curious about the Mierlose black? At Jacques van Bragt, the cherry is processed into a delicious bonbon.) Do you still want to know how a real Jacques van Bragt tastes with coffee? Then walk into Caffè Quattro. For a cup of coffee or tea with a Van Bragt. Enjoyment guaranteed.