Eindhoven Zoo

This is not just any zoo. No, this is a zoo where you can spend hours. Playing among the animals, watching them being fed, and learning all about them in one of the shows. Here, you discover your own perspective on the animal kingdom.

Elephants at Eindhoven Zoo

Sibu and Htoo Yin Aye are the parents of Ma Palai, Thuya, and Jing. A true elephant family. This family has lived in this zoo for several years and enjoys having visitors.

Rhinos at Eindhoven Zoo

Indian rhinos? They are rare. But you can visit them at Eindhoven Zoo. Two females and one male: Narayani, Jhansi, and Gainda. The ladies will return to Germany after a while, but for now, you can admire them in Mierlo.

Birthday Party at Eindhoven Zoo

Is it your birthday and are you up for a super fun party? Then celebrate your birthday at the zoo! You can choose from various parties. And yes, this includes taking care of the animals.

Celebrate your party at Eindhoven Zoo.