Korenmolen 't Nupke


Korenmolen 't Nupke
Molenakker 3
5664 ET Geldrop
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A visit to this mill should certainly not be missed if you come to Geldrop-Mierlo with your children. When the mill turns, it squeaks and creaks inside, and fantastic smells penetrate deep into your nose as you listen to the blades turning.
The Nupke is Brabantian for stud, button or bump. The piece of land on which the mill was built in 1843 (!) Is a natural elevation in the landscape. A bump. And that is probably why the site was called "Nupke" by local residents. It was only during the major restoration in 1979 that miller Wim Vlemmix gave the mill, a national monument, the name 't Nupke.

Grain is still regularly ground here in a traditional way for different types of flour to bake bread or pancakes, for example. The four volunteer certified millers are happy to tell you extensively about the mill that you can visit for free. Do not forget to bring flour with you. After all, it tastes extra delicious if you bake bread and pancakes at home with flour from 't Nupke.

A visit to 't Nupke is like living an exciting story.