Stuifzandroute (Drifting Sand Route)

(6.0 km)

The Stuifzandroute (Drifting Sand Route) is a route of 6 kilometres, over the Strabrechtse Heide. On some windy days, you can always see the sand drifting beautifully from a distance.

The starting point of this route is at the parking lot on the Heezerweg in Mierlo. From there you can choose to walk the shorter Heideakker route or to walk this somewhat longer route. With the Stuifzandroute you make a circle that also leads along the Meerlomeer and Kiezelven. Both fantastic locations to take the most beautiful nature photos. Larks, black-headed gulls, buzzards; you come across them all here when you look in amazement at the amazing cloudy skies. You sometimes wonder if you are not walking through a painting.

As long as you follow the route, you will automatically return to the parking lot.

Sights on this route

Starting point: Heezerweg
End point: Heezerweg