Bosroute (Forest Route)

(2.5 km)

The Forest Route is a short walking route through the forest behind Geldrop. Part of it is a wheelchair path. The Forest Route ends at its starting point. The total route is 2.5 kilometres and also nice to walk with the dog.

Along the way, the chance of meeting mountain bikers is quite high, because there are several MTB routes that go towards the Coeveringse Heide and the Strabrechtse Heide. If you would like to continue walking, you can continue walking from the Forest Route to the Molenheide.

The starting point of the Forest Route is located on Sluisstraat (wheelchair route) or Livingstonestraat. A small round, but big enough to get some fresh air after dinner, for example, when you are staying in the centre of Geldrop.

Download the route here

Sights on this route

Starting point: Grote Bos
5665 Geldrop
End point: Grote Bos
5665 Geldrop