Fair and the shooters’ guild

The fair took place once a year in the town. Some of the attractions were on De Heuvel. There were also stalls in Stationsstraat and Terborghstraat. Dancing was popular among the population. The pastor had not forbidden dancing during the fair, which was often the case in other places. One of the most famous dance halls in the early 20th century in Geldrop was that of the widow Van Dijk, which was located on the corner of the Heuvel and the Langstraat. Only during the fair and other parties could the people of Geldrop relax. The workers looked forward to this week all year round and saved for it by means of a savings bank in the inn. The factories in Geldrop usually closed then. The workers spent almost all day at the inn. Many men were not satisfied with the amount they had saved for the fair, so a lot was done on credit. Alcohol abuse was great in those days of poverty!

The fair was opened by the Geldropse St. Catharina and Barbara Guild and the St. Joris Guild. The fair was the most important activity for the guilds. The guild's drummer passed through the village on Saturday during the fair to announce the fair. Every three years the guild got a new king at the king shooting, which took place on fair Tuesday. The textile industry was again visible in one of the shields. In the 19th century, the shooting of the guild took place in the middle of the Heuvel.