Geldrop had many textile mills

Important production centre

The town of Geldrop has had a traditional textile cottage industry. Near the end of the 17th century, the industry started producing for the external market. This was usually done through the intervention of manufacturers, who originally came from Leiden, attracted by the lower wages in North Brabant. In the 19th century, Geldrop would develop into, after Tilburg, the most important production center for wool fabrics in the Netherlands. But the linen and tricot industry was also important.

Wool industry

- C. Frantzen & Cie., Founded in 1852.

- Raue & Bodde, founded in 1866.

- W. van den Heuvel & Zn. was the continuation of an older factory, originating from the firm Van den Heuvel & Eijcken, which existed from 1820. In 1895 it became A. van den Heuvel & Zoon, in 1911 NV Wollenstoffenfabriek v / h A. van den Heuvel & Zoon. The current Weverijmuseum Geldrop is located in the building on Molenstraat. A second and older building of the company, the Hooghuis aan de Heuvel, is now a restaurant.

- H. Eijken & Zonen, founded in 1855.

- Fa. Jacob Carp took over the steam spinning mill from Von der Nahmer in 1856. In 1873 the spinning mill was expanded with a steam weaving mill. In 1886 the company was renamed Firma A.S. Eijcken. In 1897 the company was taken over by A. van der Heijden & Son.

Linen industry

- Fa. A. van den Nieuwenhuyzen, founded in 1844. In 1882 it was taken over by Wilhelmus van den Heuvel and W. van den Heuvel & Co. called. In 1892 the company was taken over and was renamed Van Besouw & Cie. In 1918 it was taken over by the Eindhoven steam linen weaver Fa. Gebr. From Agt.

- Fa. Vissers & Eijcken. Willem Vissers started in 1863. In 1924 the name was changed to: NV Vissers en Eijcken Textielmaatschappij.

Later companies

- Fa. A.C.M. from Gerdinge & Co. was a steam fur weaving mill that started in 1900 ..

- YES. Raymakers & Zonen was a company from Helmond. It started in 1901.

- NV Geldropse Wolindustrie was a branch of Fooyer & Meijer, originally from Amsterdam, and was founded in 1903.

- A. Pessers Azn. was a Tilburg woolen fabric factory started in 1913. In 1916 a worsted woolen mill was also established. Read more about A. Pessers Azn.

- P. de Wit & Co. was a Helmonds company owned by Piet de Wit, which started a branch in Geldrop in 1913. Ultimately, the company came into the possession of the Van der Lande family. She continued to exist as Hatéma until 1959.

- NV Wollendekenfabriek ´Nederland´ was founded in 1916.

- Fa. YES. de Heer was a tricot factory that was founded in 1916. In 1931 the name Tweka was introduced (Two K's: Quality and Color).