Langstraat 1915

The Langstraat was known in the 19th century as the "Sneivelstrutje" (Jeneverstraatje), which says enough about the drinking at that time. In 1863, the first real textile factory came into the Langstraat; De Stoommachinaal Linnenweverij ', popularly called' Het Machinaal '. In 1940 Jansen de Wit's stocking factory in Schijndel (JéDéWé or De Sok) took over the buildings. Now the Langstraat is a pleasant shopping street.

Coffee and Gin consume great quantities of time and money

The Langstraat was once called the "Sneivelstrutje". Here the Jenever ("Zenevel") flowed abundantly because, unlike beer, there was less tax on gin. The less fortunate people of Geldrop were more likely to drink a glass of gin from the local distilleries in the Langstraat than a jar of beer from Bierbrouwerij Cambrinus in the Molenstraat.

1863 - The first real textile factory

The steam machine linen weaving mill in Langstraat was the first real textile factory. In other companies with steam engines, the energy was only used for part of the production process, such as spinning.

1940 - Jansen de Wit - ‘JéDéWé’ or ‘De Sok’ - The yarn spinner of the stock factory

The Royal Hosiery and Socks Factory originated in Tongelre (Eindhoven). Founder Martinus Jansen started a small machine hosiery there in 1840, which is flourishing in Schijndel.

In 1940, the vacant buildings of Vissers and Eijckens in the Langstraat were purchased by N.V. Jansen de Wit's stocking factory in Schijndel. In that year, the spinning mill had 150 workers. After the war it had more than 200. In 1985, the factory went bankrupt.

  • The Past woven with the present - Langstraat

    Eclectic mansion in construction - built in 1870

  • The Past woven with the present - Langstraat

    Restaurant Jade is now located there.

  • The Past woven with the present - Langstraat

    In 1850, Geldrop manufacturers founded the St. Vincentius Association in Langstraat. The first president of this association was manufacturer Adriaan van den Heuvel. The Vincentians promote the education of poor children and combat poverty by creating jobs

  • The Past woven with the present - Langstraat

    The Youth help Centre is now located in the building