The tram depot, barracks and the old council hall of Geldrop

Hotel Nijver (Heuvel 1a): This hotel is now located on the top floor of Kaffee Peijnenburg. This was the former town hall, next to which was the tram depot which later became a fire brigade. On the left is the manufacturer's residence of the Van den Heuvel firm from 1892. In 1870, mayor Wilhemus Knaapen ordered the construction of a new town hall. This had to be placed on the corner of the Heuvel and the Hofstraat. The new town hall was completed in 1871.

The train depot and the fire brigade

In Geldrop, the police and fire brigade became part of the municipality from 1 October 1947 and the mayor became chief of both. After 1969, the police were located in a building on the corner of the Wiekslag, which is now called Laan der Vier Heemskinderen. The fire brigade also got a new building in 1975, located on Laan der Vier Heemskinderen. Before that, the barracks were located on the Heuvel. This building also housed the offices of the Eindhoven-Geldrop tramway company. In 1906 a waiting room was built next to this office for tram travellers. Kaffee Peijnenburg is now situated here.