Adell Trio with dancer Ietara


de Weeffabriek
Molenstraat 23
5664 HV Geldrop
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Hot club/jazz manousch/traditional gipsy music.
Music Theatre programme featuring the journey from India to Europe. 
Music, dance and stories.
Atmospheric authentic gypsy music,full of fire and passion.  
From the heart,with stories around the campfire !
IETARA dancer 
With great passion and fire IETARA dances around the world in beautiful costumes !
TSJAWO ADELL: solo guitar . His solo playing is extraordinary. A tribute to Django Reinhardt his great inspiration.
MORO ADELL: rhythm guitar.  His driven rhythm guitar provides the fiery drive.
JANUSCH HALLEMA: double bass and vocal stories. With his solid bass lines and energetic vocals, he brings a tremendously driven look to the Adell Trio. 
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  • Sunday the 1st of september 2024 from 14:00 to 16:00