OVV Bike market

OVV is organising another edition of their Bicycle Market. What that is? It's actually quite simple, they mediate between supply and demand and charge a reasonable fee for it, which in turn benefits Scouting Mierlo. You can choose to buy or sell a bike.

If you want to buy one, just come to the Molenplein in Mierlo and see if there is something for you, or take a test ride. You pay for the bike and it is your property. The sale starts at 10.30 am and lasts until 3.30 pm.

You can bring the bike(s) you want to sell from 8.30am. OVV will take the bike, you will get a certificate from them that they have received the bike and will try to sell it for you. By 3.30pm, you will see if it has been sold. If yes, hot will give you the sale price minus 15%. This 15% of the sale price is for costs incurred by OVV. The remainder goes to scouting Mierlo. In the unlikely event that your bike is not sold, you submit the proof of deposit and simply take the bike back or donate it to the OVV. All you have to do is bring and/or pick it up; OVV takes care of the rest.


  • Saturday the 17th of august 2024 from 10:30 to 15:30