Weaving Museum - Heritage Day

Want to learn how to make your own laces, grease pads or beautiful fabrics? Then the Weaving Museum is the perfect place for you!  

During Heritage Days, there are again plenty of fun activities for young and old! Learn the art of lace weaving, discover how spreaders are woven and experience the craft on a 4- or 8-shaft loom.The museum also offers guided tours, where expert volunteers take you on a journey through the history and techniques of weaving. You will be amazed at the possibilities offered by just a few threads and a loom! Weaving is an ancient craft that is still alive and kicking, and you can discover it at the Weaving Museum. A visit to this museum is well worthwhile, not only because you will learn more about the weaving process, but especially because you will gain insight into the DNA of the inhabitants you will encounter all over Geldrop-Mierlo during your stay. History is in our blood.


  • Daily starting from september 14th, 2024 until september 15th, 2024