Cherry Harvest Festival Mierlo on June 28, 29, and 30, 2024!

The Cherry Harvest Festival in its new style is now taking place for the fifth time in Mierlo. Between 1948 and 1971, the Cherry Harvest Festival took place annually. Since 2015, this tradition has been continued by the Cherry Harvest Festival Foundation Mierlo, so this year marks the 29th occurrence of this celebration.

The Cherry Harvest Festival in its new style consists of a blend of a modern festival and the history of Mierlo as the Cherry Village. Of course, Cherry Queen Robin and her Court Ladies Lieke and Shannon will lead the festivities during the three-day event.

The culture can be experienced particularly on Saturday afternoon, June 29, during the historical parade, which will traverse the streets of Mierlo at 5:30 pm. The parade will move from Molenplein, Margrietstraat, Kerkstraat, Heer van Scherpenzeelweg, Bisschop van Mierlostraat (including Bethanië), Marktstraat, back to Molenplein. The parade this year is more extensive than ever. Various music bands will participate, such as Showkorps Juliana ’s Gravendeel, De Kikvorschen Den Bosch, DAP Apeldoorn, O’Tunes Otterlo, Jeroen Bosch scouting band Den Bosch, the Brandeleros from Helmond, and of course, our Mierlo guilds. Additionally, various horse-drawn wagons will be present, including an old horse tram, a farm wagon, and the splendid Bavaria beer wagon, pulled by a remarkable 6 horses. Various vintage cars will also participate, showcasing the Cherry Queens and Court Ladies from past editions. Of course, there are many more participants, and children have also been well considered. A parade that is definitely worth a visit.

Friday evening and Saturday evening are big parties in the marquee on Molenplein. With a fantastic program for Mierlo on Friday evening, featuring Monique Smit, Jannes, Jaman, the Lampegastuh, and DJ Tim Johnson all taking the stage. The last tickets are still available for purchase at On Saturday evening, the organizers have managed to bring none other than Tino Martin to Mierlo, alongside the band Partycriminals. This national star will perform live at Molenplein in Mierlo! The evening has been sold out for many months. Of course, the various food trucks will also not be missing from the festive Molenplein.

On Sunday, the center of Mierlo will transform into a lively and bustling atmosphere. Once again, there will be a large street market starting in the morning. There will be brass band music at Molenplein and in the marquee throughout the day. Under the name of Kirschländer Musikantenstadl, brass music from both domestic and international sources will resonate throughout the center. Of course, all enjoyed with a refreshing drink. There will also be plenty of entertainment for children, and with great pride, the newest and most beautiful bouncy castle of Mierlo will be unveiled.

The Cherry Harvest Festival is thus a celebration for young and old, a blend of culture and a modern festival. All the more reason to mark June 28, 29, and 30 on your calendar.


  • Friday the 28th of june 2024
  • Saturday the 29th of june 2024
  • Sunday the 30th of june 2024