Frans Weekend: Muziekhuis presenteert Jopie Jonkers Trio…! Chanson!

Jopie Jonkers Trio...! Chanson!

Jopie Jonkers: Vocals and Harp
Jopie has been singing French Chansons for many years, inspired by artists such as Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel, whose music was frequently played at home. She studied improvised music vocals at the Brabants Conservatorium in Tilburg and took harp lessons from Roberto Guaraní and Kenneth Ecury. She was a accompanist for Harry Sacksioni for a season. Visit: 

Koen de Cauter: Guitar and Vocals
Drawing on the tradition of gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt and French Musette music, Koen has developed his own unique style on the guitar. He has released countless CDs, LPs, and TV recordings and has performed with various groups and celebrities worldwide, including Waso, Fapy Lafertin, Sing Miller, Sammy Rimmington, Wannes Van de Velde, Daniel Colin, Jean Corti, Stochelo Rosenberg, and many others. In France, he is a highly sought-after artist at festivals dedicated to the chansons of George Brassens, where he is considered one of the best interpreters of these chansons.

Rein de Vos: Accordion
Rein is a true musician at heart, having played the accordion for about 25 years. He began with a ten-year classical accordion training with Patricia George in Oudenaarde, Belgium. He then went on to study jazz and chanson at the conservatory of Ghent, Belgium, under renowned names such as Rony Verbiest, Marc Godfroid, Tuur Florizoone, Pierre Vaiana, and others. A versatile musician passionately in love with French chansons, he delivers them with verve, swing, and style.

This trio has been delighting audiences for many years with French chansons by artists such as Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Georges Brassens, and more. Jopie's sparkling harp, Koen's always surprising improvisations, the infectious sound of the accordion, along with their voices blending beautifully, guarantee a special performance of this music.

During the Sunday afternoon of the French Weekend, they will perform short sets of about twenty minutes each. After a short break, they will continue. During these breaks, the audience can switch around as there is much more to enjoy at the Weeffabriek and on the Culture Square.

Performance Times:

Location: Grote Spoel


  • Sunday the 9th of june 2024 at 14:00


  • Free