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Stars on Stage

Foundation Au3 Smits Music aims to spread joy in music among people of all ages. We organize our own events and collaborate with existing activities and events in Geldrop-Mierlo and its surroundings. Our own events include a singing competition called "The Kids Voice" for children aged 15 and under, and for (young) adults aged 15 and above, a talent search for musical talent: "Stars on Stage".

About the project: One of the goals of this show "Stars on Stage" is to bring talents together to push their own boundaries, working together on a project to elevate everyone to a higher level. The focus of Stars is on (singing) together, dancing, moving, rapping, playing, alone, together... anything is possible.

In January 2024, an audition day will take place where talents can showcase what they're made of.

Participants will be professionally and inspiringly guided by vocal coach Audrey Smits herself and Rita van der Werf in the months following the audition.

Stars on Stage is a musical show with surprising combinations, bringing both emotion and joy at different times. Various genres will be showcased.