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"MIXED EMOTIONS" is a new exhibition at De Wiele in Geldrop. You will see mixed techniques in an experimental manner.

The latest exhibition at De Wiele provides insight into the excellent variety of works by the students of Wendy Veldhuis and Pieter Reef. This diversity is also the reason for the title: "Mixed Emotions."

Because nothing is as it seems: the works of the students have actually arisen from emotion, from feeling. The teachers each contribute in their own way with techniques and themes, through which the students arrive at a surprising result through their work. They are encouraged to experiment with different materials and delve deeper into the subject matter and imagination. They are challenged to push their boundaries and thus gain a different perspective on their work. Throughout and at the end of each lesson, the works are evaluated in a playful manner. The students' own vision, as well as the years of experience and expertise of the teachers, is not only visible but also recognizable in the exhibited works.

The "MIXED EMOTIONS" Exhibition in the corridors of De Wiele is a colorful and diverse exhibition. You can admire this exhibition during De Wiele's opening hours.


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