The secret of the vanished Cotton Path

The Cotton Path is located on Molenheide between Mierlo and Geldrop. You follow the route by following the posts with the Cotton Path logo and posts with special markers. You can choose between the long or the short route. The short route is most suitable for small children.

The long route

If you choose the long route, you will walk from the center of Mierlo to the center of Geldrop (or vice versa). In Mierlo, the starting point is at Woes (the wild weaver, one of the main characters from the book) located on Molenplein. In Geldrop, you start from the Weverijmuseum. By downloading the app, you will actually experience the history and be immersed in the story during your walk at various points along the way. These moments are indicated by special markers along the route.

This long route is approximately 6 to 7 kilometers long.

The short route

You can also choose the short route. The giant book at the Molenheide playground in Mierlo marks the starting point. You can park your car there. The short route starts and ends exactly where Sem saw the mysterious green light shining through the oaks. You will recognize this point by the large book stretched high above your head between the quirky oaks.