Heilige Brigidakerk


Heilige Brigidakerk Geldrop
Nieuwendijk 2
5662 AE Geldrop
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A visit to the Heilige Brigidakerk makes it immediately clear. If you have a penchant for history and architecture, the church is an unmissable part of your plan.

The neo-Romano-Gothic Saint Brigida Church was designed by Carl Weber and built around 1890. It is one of his most important works. The gigantic octagonal high dome, the 71 meter high towers and the intricate layout of the rooms breathe history. When you walk around, realize that allied soldiers were regularly hidden during the Second World War. And there are many more stories to tell about the church.

The Geldrop church is still in use. In the December period, the Petes come down from the towers with ropes, and the nativity scene with live animals is set up on the east side.
The carillon players who play the carillon have won several awards at national and international level for their organ playing. In the months of July and August, there are annual concerts that you can visit. The changing sounds are also unique in the Netherlands, as it is done on the eight largest bells of the Heilige Brigida Church. In total there are 47 bells in the right tower that are rung every hour (computer-controlled of course).

You can walk in without obligation to view the church or make an appointment for a tour.