Nature Reserve Sang en Goorkens


Natuurgebied Sang en Goorkens
't Sang
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The Sang en Goorkens is an extensive nature reserve in Mierlo, in total about 122 hectares. The Sang alone is an approximately 15-hectare scientific forest reserve.

It is not managed and it is not cut down, because it is an old alder forest that existed before 1800. The complete Sang and Goorkens reserve is even older. The area was 'lent' to the population of Mierlo by Duke John of Brabant in 1292. Then it was already reported in the archives. And what is completely striking? A small orchid meadow, right in the heart. What wonderful surprises we have here in Brabant!

The Sang en Goorkens is a very quiet area in which a swamp forest is being developed. This because of the changing weather conditions. With more wet nature we can prepare for the future.

Walking the path 'Rondje 't Sang' shows you more of the sloping stream valley landscape. Take a walk with 'Ommetje Sanghorst'. A short walk of about 30 minutes. Just enough to clear your head and pick up a healthy serving of vitamin G, as the IVN describes it. Vitamin G. In other words, Vitamin Green. Enjoy an ancient scenic landscape and the silence.

Then you can recharge your batteries in the cosy centres of Geldrop-Mierlo.