Dal van de kleine Dommel


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The Valley of the Kleine Dommel is also called the Dommel Valley. If you like walking and surprisingly beautiful views by the water, then a walk through the Valley of the Kleine Dommel in Geldrop should definitely be on your bucket list. One of the most beautiful stream landscapes in Brabant.

While walking along the Dommel, you will come across the gardens of Geldrop Castle, built in 1870. The Dommel also flows through the Weverijmuseum, unique in the Netherlands. Nowhere else than in Geldrop does a stream flow through a museum. De Dommel played a major role in the weaving industry. In earlier times the water was coloured by the dye of the woollen sheets. Red, yellow or green water, it was all normal then.

The Dommel passes through forests and heath and is inhabited by dozens or perhaps even hundreds of wild duck couples, who teach their young to swim there in the spring.
You will almost always encounter the same family of geese at the same spot on the Dommel, in the centre of Geldrop.

If you are a bird watcher, there are many different bird species to discover while walking along the Kleine Dommel. You are also happy here as a fish lover: according to the Water Board de Dommel, about 26 species of fish swim through this stream. Think of roach, bream, perch, tench, sunfish, eel, pike and even the monkfish have been spotted.

The Dommel is a brook that the people of Geldrop live by. Fishing along the side, walking the dog, cycling to drink coffee in the centre. A walk along the Dommel is a walk through time and shows how living and living in a natural area can go together.

In short: enough reasons to put on your walking shoes and go through the Valley of the Kleine Dommel. Don't forget your camera!