Gijzenrooische Zegge

(15.0 km)

The Gijzenrooijse Zegge is also seen as a living painting by Vincent Van Gogh. It is the landscape from the youth of our elderly: round (centuries-old) fields with grains alternate with wet grasslands.

The core of the Gijzenrooijse Zegge is a swamp forest, where you encounter the swamp violet, the yellow iris and the water violet. In the spring, the swamp is lilac-coloured by the cuckoo flowers. The walk is about 6 kilometres, where you walk along bushes and hedgerows. Everywhere you see bees and butterflies, and birds such as the partridge and the yellowhammer. A unique walking area that lies in the middle between Geldrop and Eindhoven. A wonderful old-fashioned part of Brabant to relax and enjoy.

The starting point of this route is on the Laan van Tolkien in Geldrop.

Sights on this route

Starting point: Parallelweg 2
5664 AT Geldrop

Pannenkoekenhuis Hans en Grietje

Pannenkoekenhuis Hans en Grietje
Langstraat 2 B
5664 GG Geldrop
Pannenkoekenhuis Hans en Grietje

Cultureel Centrum Hofdael

de Weeffabriek
Molenstraat 23
5664 HV Geldrop
Cultureel Centrum Hofdael
End point: Fietspad
5664 Geldrop