Longing for biscuits, cherries & culture

Excitement & relaxation. Sport & Play. Culture & Nature. Digital & Old School... The municipality of Geldrop-Mierlo has been weaving it all together for years. Which isn't crazy. Together they have a rich history which seamlessly complements the other. In the last century, Mierlo provided the supply of wool for the weaving industry. Geldrop weaved the white 'gold' and transformed it into beautiful fabrics. A fruitful collaboration that grew into a flourishing textile industry, from which the fruits are still being reaped. Discover this colourful municipality for yourself.

Content and full? There is more still to discover in the land of Peijnenburg! Where you 'grazed' this morning among the royal suppliers of wool, you will discover in the Weaving Museum how these 'white curls' are woven into a beautiful piece of textile. Wondering if you have mastered the art of weaving? Try it on one of the ancient working machines. Want even more cultural heritage? Make the crossing to the Molenplein in Mierlo. Where the Mierlose windmill still grinds at full speed on Saturdays. Definitely worthwhile to admire this ancient craft with your own eyes. And for the home bakers, you can go to the shop for delicious, freshly ground flour and other delicacies.

Tired and satisfied? Settle down on the cosy Molenplein for a snack and drink. Or retreat to Bospark 't Wolfsven. It is wonderful to relax in this Roompot Park in the middle of the woods. Sleep tight!

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