A. van den Heuvel & Son

At the end of the 16th century, people in and around Geldrop were busy with textile. Textile is in our DNA. Adrianus van den Heuvel (1794-1854) was the founder of the industrial production of textiles. He was the son of a beer brewer and large landowner, Wilhelmus A. van den Heuvel. Adrianus was written down als a taxable manufacturer in 1816, at 22 years of age. 

Around this time, Adrianus founded the textile firm with his brother-in-law, Henricus Eijken. They were both both cloth manufacturers and they called their firm ‘De Compagnie’. In 1836, Adrianus van den Heuvel bought a warehouse, drying house, dyeing house, spinning mill and coil. 

This building, popularly called ‘het Hooghuis’, was still owned in 1812 by Joost Vogelspoel, owner of the most important textile company in Geldrop. Café Taste can now be found in the Hooghuis. 

Adrianus van den Heuvel (1848-1911) descendent of one of the founders, continued the factory in 1895. In 2016 he is intertwined with one of his descendants, Philippe van den Heuvel.

Son of Philibert Jan Maria Cornelis van den Heuvel Operational manager fire station Aalst-Waalre-Eersel 1966