Discover Mierlo Castle in 3D

Most people from Mierlo know that there was once a castle there, but do you also know who built it at that time, where it was exactly and what remains of it? If you click on ‘history’ you can read more about the history of Castle Mierlo. There are now also some 3D visualisations to be seen.

Image of former Mierlo Castle is becoming increasingly clear

For a long time, you had to read the stories and see the old prints to get a picture of Mierlo Castle. In the meantime, archaeological and desk research has brought up more and more information about the ups and downs of this castle. In 2012, information boards with silhouettes of the castle were placed in two places around the castle. With this, the castle, which had been so important to Mierlo for so long, was brought back into the landscape a bit.

Through the silhouettes, you can almost imagine the castle is there again. Now, 3D visualisations of the former castle of Mierlo are available. There is now so much information available to us that it is possible to make a reasonably true representation of Mierlo (Myerle) Castle. Via 3D animations, you can now see the castle of the fortress and the keep, the intermediate castle with the chapel and the outer stronghold rise imposingly from the landscape. This 3D visualisation has been further developed in five different films, in which the 3D animation is used as a common thread to tell the special stories of the castle.

The 3D Movies

In 2018, the company Fransenaudiovisuals made a 3D visualisation of the former castle of Mierlo for the municipality of Geldrop-Mierlo, with support from some residents of Mierlo and the environmental service Zuid-Oost Brabant. This 3D visualisation is now available digitally, in the form of five films, to everyone and can be watched via YouTube and via Vimeo.

History and Residents

This video examines the history of the castle and the different noble families that exercised power as Lords of Mierlo.

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Appearance and layout

Here, we zoom in on the different parts of the castle, the high keep, the outer stronghold with the chapel and the second forecourt. A failed escape from the castle tower is shown visually.

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Castle surroundings

The castle was located in the valley of the Kasteelseloop, which was the source of the spacious moat of the castle and the fishing ponds. The relationship with the surrounding castle farms and the nature reserve Sang en Goorkens is also explained.

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Witch prosecution

The witch prosecutions at the end of the 16th century, which at the time were organised by the then Mr. Erasmus van Grevenbroeck, was the most notorious episode in the history of the castle. He reigned with terror, during which fifteen women were burned at the stake in two weeks time. Two actors who were involved in the so-called witch monologues in the past make an empathetic contribution.

The decay

This video explains how this large castle declined into decay in the 17th and 18th centuries until it finally collapsed/was demolished around the time of the French revolution so that nothing remains except an old gate, which collapsed much later, around 1950.

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