There were many textile mills in the centre of Geldrop

There were many tall factories with chimneys and stately houses belonging to the manufacturers in Geldrop’s centre. Factories such as the firm Vissers & Eijcken, the firm Van Eijcken and Zn. and the Tweka factory have all stood here. The provincial road from Eindhoven to Geldrop was also full of factories because this was also an ideal location. The straw sleeve factory of Govers, the agricultural machine factory of Zweijers, the biscuit factory of Peijnenburg and the textile factory of Pessers were all set up there.

Geldrop kent veel textielfabrieken

The firm A. Pessers Azn. was one of the many textile factories in Geldrop. Larger companies arose in the period between 1850 and 1865. These factories had steam-powered machines, each employing almost 100 people. Over the years they came into the hands of varying owners and combinations thereof, and they also changed names regularly. Besides wool processing, the manufacturing of linen and cotton fabrics played an important role.

Founding of Tweka
On May 16, 1916, Jacques de Heer (son of a weaver) founded the Geldropsche Tricotfabriek. In the beginning, the company, which employed 20 people, produced only 1 product, namely underwear.
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Fa. Vissers & Eijcken

Willem Vissers startte in 1863 een machinale stoomlinnenweverij, nadat hij bij van den Nieuwenhuyzen was weggegaan. In 1876 waren er 112 mensen in dienst