Geldrop Castle Estate, more than 600 years old ...

| Marianne Canters

Geldrop Castle Estate, more than 600 years old. 

Geldrop Castle is first mentioned in the year 1403. It is 2020 when I cycle through the gate that gives access to the estate where the castle is located. Think about that if you decide to do the same. A visit to the Geldrop Castle Estate is a visit to a place where a lot has happened over the centuries. And you can sense that …

Petting zoo, Sensory Garden, and Flower Garden; Geldrop Castle​

When you pass through the gates, as I did from the centre of Geldrop, you immediately hear the sounds of the petting zoo. The petting zoo is open almost every day of the year and can be visited for free by young and old. The moment I arrive, the weather is wonderful and the mood of the children and the animals is clearly great.
When I put my bike away, I see a beautiful avenue that leads to the Sensory Garden. Also a pleasure for young and old. All senses are addressed when you walk through this garden. I really recommend that you bring a camera. 

Various insect species have found their way to this garden. Just like the road to the wonderful Bloemenhof. The insects take their time for you, as if they know you are taking a picture.

The Bloemenhof used to be a vegetable garden and orchard, laid out in 1870. Now there are many beautiful things to see all year round, due to the beautiful planting plan. A place where you will not leave without ideas for your own garden (or balcony) and a sense of tranquillity. Here and there are nice seats where you can enjoy the beauty from different angles.

Characteristic Estate

In any case, you can safely reserve a few hours for a visit to Geldrop Castle Estate, because the park-like garden also invites you to stroll and enjoy. The highest tree in North Brabant is there: a 38-meter high, giant sequoia. But other characteristic trees also show themselves in their full glory in all seasons. You'll be seriously amazed.

To be honest, as a child I already ran around here, as many other children have done. Friendships and loves have developed, and some of these loves even said their "I do's" in the Castle. A beautiful wedding location too.

Stroll through the Castle's historic rooms

The audio tour is a must if you pay a normal visit to Castle (instead of getting married, I mean). The audio tour guides you around the various stately rooms and tells stories about the residents who knew the Castle through the centuries. Not "ordinary" people like you and me, but people of nobility. The music you hear in the background instantly influences the way you walk. Or at least, that's what happened to me, as if one of the former baronesses took possession of me. But maybe it was my imagination that got away.
There is nothing you can do about it if you walk through Geldrop Castle or across the estate. It just happens when you are there.

Na afloop in de Kasteelhoeve …

Of course, you conclude your visit with a snack and a drink in the Kasteelhoeve, located at the other entrance gate. In the farm itself or on the beautiful terrace, depending on the weather. Keep an eye on the gate, they close at sunset and only open again when the sun rises the next day.
Now, in Corona time, the Kasteelhoeve is closed. But they are busy starting up new activities such as Coffee-to-go and a covered terrace. So you end your visit with a snack and a drink in your hotel or holiday home.

It doesn't matter where you end your day at Geldrop Castle Estate. It's a must on your 'day away' agenda. Whether you are a local or a tourist: Geldrop Castle Estate exudes history, relaxation, stories and tranquillity. And you have to have experienced that combination in this 600-year-old place at least once in your life.