Dining in Geldrop-Mierlo

After a day of relaxing at the spa, enjoying an active MTB ride, a visit to the zoo or the Weaving Museum, you will certainly feel like going out for dinner. No matter where you go, the food’s always good. That is because the Burgundian influences can be tasted everywhere.

  • Horecaplein Geldrop

    Horecaplein is a cosy, nostalgic square, laid out in the centre of Geldrop. The various terraces make it a wonderful place, especially in summer.

    Horecaplein Geldrop
  • Molenplein Mierlo

    The Molenplein in Mierlo is the square at the Standerdmolen. The Molenplein is centrally located in the centre and location of the weekly market.

    Molenplein Mierlo